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LDCM Advogados is a boutique firm specialized in dispute resolution. We represent Brazilian and foreign clients in all aspects of disputes, from negotiations prior to court litigation to the enforcement of court and arbitration decisions, including settlement discussions and examination and disposal of distressed assets under litigation.

Our firm focuses on complex disputes, including court and administrative ligation, domestic and foreign arbitration, recovery of assets in Brazil and abroad, debt restructuring, and asset acquisition in specific situations. We have broad experience in the advice of clients on diverse subjects in multiple industries and sectors such as M&A, banking, finance, capital markets, infrastructure, construction, oil & gas, power, agribusiness, real estate, technology, and telecommunications.

Our partners come from leading Brazilian and foreign firms and rank among the senior players in their fields of expertise. These qualifications enable our team to propose innovative, sophisticated, and efficient solutions to our clients.


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As members of one of the most prestigious firms in Brazil and abroad, our partners have accumulated vast experience in navigating complex matters.

Our team provides fast replies to the demands of our clients.

Our partners are fully dedicated to the cases they manage, acting directly from the start until the conclusion.

We seek innovative, sophisticated, and efficient solutions that consider the legal aspects and our clients' economic, business, and personal interests.

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LDCM Advogados is part of a distinguished list of boutique dispute resolution firms acting in limited relevant cases. This permits us to maintain high standards of quality, efficiency, and attention to detail, which is crucial in offering sophisticated and innovative solutions to our clients. This efficiency (and success) model reflects our outstanding positions in the most renowned domestic and foreign rankings.
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LDCM pursues the culture of excellence, the scientific humbleness characteristic of the famous names in the legal profession, and the unwavering effort to deliver a genuinely state-of-the-art work to the clients.
Senior partner of one of the largest Brazilian corporate litigation firms.
LDCM is a high-level boutique of cross-border disputes. Its excellent attorneys have a strategic mind focused on the client.
General counsel of a relevant corporate group in Brazil.
LDCM is a reference firm in Brazil for commercial litigation and arbitration. They are able to explain and overcome the differences between foreign clients and attorneys involved in international matters.
Senior partner of a firm global leader in international arbitration.
We are extremely satisfied with LDCM, a well-regarded and experienced litigation boutique with a prominent level of knowledge.
General counsel of an investment fund based in NY.


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Lawyer with broad experience in court, arbitration, and administrative disputes, Leonardo was a partner of two of the largest Brazilian litigation firms for over 15 years (both ranked as Band 1 in Chambers, Leaders’ League, WWL, etc.). He has a Law degree from PUC-Rio, Master’s Degree in Civil Law from UERJ, and LLM in Arbitration from the Center for International Commercial Arbitration of the American University (Washington, DC). Leonardo is the author of books and articles on Arbitration and Civil Law in Brazil and abroad. Leonardo was a Post-graduation Professor at PUC-Rio for 10 years and acts as an arbitrator in Brazil and abroad in complex commercial disputes.

Leonardo de Campos Melo


Marcio Araujo Opromolla (or “Bauru,” as he is known in the market) is a partner of LDCM Advogados in São Paulo. Previously, he was a partner for 18 years of Dinamarco, Rossi, Beraldo & Bedaque Advocacia and Lefosse Advogados. Over the last 25 years, Marcio represented public and private strategic agents in some of the most relevant causes of Brazil, acting in the prevention and resolution of complex national and international disputes of diverse natures and sectors of the economy.

Márcio Araújo Opromolla


Tatiana Ferri is a partner in LDCM’s complex litigation and cross border disputes practice. She has previously worked for over 10 years at the renowned disputes team of White & Case in London. In Brazil, she was General Counsel at one of the country’s largest infrastructure companies.

With over 20 years of experience in Brazil and abroad, Tatiana has represented clients in international commercial arbitrations under the rules of the ICC, LCIA and ICDR. She acted in high-profile cases across several jurisdictions and has experience in numerous industries including construction, oil and gas, energy, mining, insurance, rail, corporate, among others. Since February 2022, Tatiana is the coordinator of the Arbitration and Infrastructure Task Force of ICC Brazil.

She is a graduate of Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie and is qualified in Brazil, England, and Wales. She holds a master’s degree from Queen Mary University of London and a postgraduate degree in Administrative Law from Fundação Getúlio Vargas and in Civil Procedural Law from Pontifícia Universidade Católica of São Paulo.

Tatiana Ferri


Broad experience in public, civil, business, and tax law litigation in several firms before different Brazilian state courts since 2004.

Attorney of the State of Rio de Janeiro and Associate Professor of Civil Procedural Law at UERJ in the undergraduate, master, and doctorate courses. Master’s degree in Public Law from UERJ, Ph.D. in Procedural Law from UERJ, and Post-Doctor in Law from the University of Coimbra. Master of Laws from King’s College London and trained in negotiation from Harvard Kennedy School.

Marco Antonio Rodrigues


Tatiana is a partner of LDCM Advogados, focusing on the resolution of complex pre-court, court, and arbitration disputes in the corporate and insolvency fields involving distressed assets. Before joining LDCM Advogados, Tatiana worked in large firms in São Paulo, the last of which was Lefosse Advogados.

Over a career of more than 16 years, Tatiana has garnered extensive experience in court-approved and out-of-court reorganizations and bankruptcy proceedings, having represented domestic and foreign creditors and/or investors. Moreover, Tatiana advised clients from various sectors regarding investment in distressed assets, negotiation, and high complexity litigation, being recognized by Chambers and Partners in Bankruptcy/Restructuring – Brazil in the Up-and-Coming category.

She holds a Master’s Degree in Commercial Law and a Bachelor’s Degree in Law, both from the University of São Paulo (USP). Tatiana currently holds the position of Deputy Director of the Instituto Brasileiro de Estudos em Recuperação de Empresas – IBR; Communication Director of IWIRC-Brazil, the Brazilian arm of the International Women’s Insolvency & Restructuring Confederation; and board member of CamCMR – Câmara Especial de Resolução de Conflitos em Reestruturação de Empresas.

Tatiana Flores


Bruno Barreto is a partner of LDCM Advogados. He has extensive experience assisting clients in transnational disputes, including arbitration and court and administrative litigation. His practice focuses particularly on contract and corporate issues related to various sectors, such as M&A, Banking, Capital Markets, Oil & gas, Construction, Real Estate, Telecommunications, and Technology.

Bruno Barreto de A. Teixeira


Lawyer with extensive experience in complex, domestic, and transnational cases, Rodrigo holds a degree in Law from PUC-Rio and a master’s degree in International Law from UERJ and was a visiting researcher at the Max Planck Institute for International Comparative Law in Hamburg. Rodrigo participates in several academic projects in arbitration and contract law. He is associated with institutions such as the Henri Capitant Association of Comparative Law, Instituto de Direito Privado (IDiP), and the Brazilian Arbitration Committee (CBAr).

Rodrigo Cavalcante Moreira


Experienced in civil and business litigation and credit recovery, Pedro was an associate of traditional Brazilian firms, such as Pinheiro Guimarães, and a partner of Motta, Fernandes Rocha. He holds a Master’s Degree in Business Law from UERJ and a Post-Graduate degree in Civil Procedural Law and Private Law from PUC-Rio. The WWL ranking recognizes Pedro as a “National Leader – Brazil.”

Pedro Pereira Lopes


Vitor works in court, arbitration, and administrative disputes of high complexity. Master in Contemporary Civil Law from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), he is specialized in International Commercial Arbitration from the American University – Washington College of Law. Vitor was a speaker at Willem C. VIS International Commercial Arbitration Moot and an advisor to Equipe de Competição e Estudos em Arbitragem Nacional e Internacional of FND/UFRJ.

Vitor Szpiz do Nascimento


Gabriel Penna Gomes is an associate lawyer with LDCM Advogados. Graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of the State of São Paulo (PUC-SP), he has experience in strategic judicial disputes involving debt restructuring, insolvency proceedings (court-approved and out-of-court reorganization and bankruptcy), and corporate litigation. Prior to joining LDCM Advogados, Gabriel was an associate in the area of Civil Litigation and Restructuring and Insolvency of Lefosse Advogados.

Gabriel Penna Gomes


Ana Carolina Mello is an associate lawyer at LDCM Advogados. A Bachelor of Law from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), Ana focuses on litigation, with experience in arbitration and extensive civil, business, and bankruptcy litigation.

Ana Carolina da Costa Rodrigues de Mello


Larissa Monaco Caranti is an associate lawyer at LDCM Advogados.

Lawyer graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo with experience in Civil Litigation, Family Law, Private International Law, Corporate Law, and Criminal Law.

Larissa Monaco Caranti


João Marcelo Mathias is an associate lawyer at LDCM Advogados.

It is graduated from the State University of Rio de Janeiro with experience in Civil Litigation and Arbitration.

João Marcelo Mathias


Pâmela Diedam is an associate lawyer at LDCM Advogados.

Attorney with experience and multidisciplinary involvement in advisory and complex dispute resolution, both in administrative and judicial contexts. Maintains continuous and specialized engagement in business law, restructuring, and insolvency, assisting debtors, creditors, hedge funds, acquirers, investors, and (national and foreign) administrators. Contributed to significant and notable structuring of distressed company mergers and acquisitions, high-value banking transactions, and cases involving the acquisition of assets under special circumstances (distressed assets). Holds a degree in Law from the State University of Maringá – UEM and a postgraduate degree in business law from the Getúlio Vargas Foundation – FGV. Was part of a judicial administration team and prior to joining LDCM, served as an associate at Cescon, Barrieu, Flesch, and Barreto Advogados.

Pâmela Diedam


Pedro Kurtz is an associate lawyer at LDCM Advogados.

Attorney with experience in academic research and in the practical areas of Civil Litigation and Arbitration, gained in both small and large law firms. Graduated in Law from the University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ).

Pedro Kurtz


Our mission is to deliver the best results to our clients. For this, all strategies and decisions are built and discussed together, guided by collaboration and transparency, always considering the needs and expectations of the client.

Court and administrative litigation

We act in all instances of the Judiciary Branch and Government, directly or through partnerships formed according to the needs of each case.


Our lawyers have broad experience in domestic and international arbitration proceedings involving disputes in various industries conducted under the regulations of the main domestic and international arbitration chambers.

Prevention of litigation, negotiation, and mediation

Our experience in complex demands allows us to anticipate probable future scenarios and thus develop appropriate strategies for negotiated and mediated solutions – without compromising the client's position if a dispute becomes inevitable.

Family Law and Succession/Estate Planning

We represent clients in pre-litigation and litigation situations involving Family Law and Succession. We also act in the preparation of succession planning (including tax aspects) to prevent future disputes and reduce succession costs.

Restructuring and insolvency. Assets under litigation and special situations.

We assist creditors, investors, or debtors in insolvency proceedings and credit recovery, focusing on a negotiated solution with domestic and international repercussions. We also advise investors in the acquisition of assets in special situations: court-ordered payment of government debts (precatórios), court or arbitration private credits, real estate assets, equity interests, or any investment that demands a litigious solution.
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Transactional Disputes

The LDCM team has extensive experience in transnational, arbitration and court disputes, having partnered with renowned international firms and professionals in different jurisdictions. Many of our partners were trained at US and European universities and worked at prominent international firms (Washington and Paris).

Content produced by Team LDCM

Our lawyers are authors of several books and articles in Brazil and abroad in blogs and periodicals. Part of our production is available here:

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Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in Brazil – A Practitioner´s Guide (Kluwer)

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Extensão da Cláusula Compromissória e Grupos de Sociedades – A Prática Arbitral CCI e sua Compatibilidade com o Direito Brasileiro (Forense)

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A Reforma da Arbitragem (Forense)

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Recognition of Foreign Arbitral Awards in Brazil.

Publicado na American Review of International Arbitration da Universidade de Columbia, EUA (vol. 24, No. 1). Autor: Leonardo de Campos Melo

Cláusula Take-or-pay

Natureza Jurídica. Publicado em Academia.edu. Autor: Leonardo de Campos Melo

Assunção de Dívida.

Publicado em Revista Forense, vol. 419. Autor: Leonardo de Campos Melo

Introdução às Arbitragens de Investimento perante o Sistema ICSID.

Publicado na Revista de Mediação e Arbitragem, vol. 34. Autor: Leonardo de Campos Melo

Extensão da Cláusula Compromissória e Grupos de Sociedades.

Publicado na Revista de Mediação e Arbitragem, vol. 36. Autor: Leonardo de Campos Melo


Gathering people and disseminating knowledge is part of our DNA. With this in mind, we created HUB LDCM, a space dedicated to bringing people together and exchanging ideas from different industries and areas of knowledge.

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